IAPT stands for Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT).  It is an initiative set up to ensure greater access to psychological therapies.

The IAPT service has been available in Brent since December 2010 to ensure that people in Brent can get access to psychological therapies in order to deal with their experiences of common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. The service is designed to offer the level of support that gets the best results and is appropriate to you and enables you to get back to enjoying life and engaging in work or daily activities. Everyone is an individual and so experiences mental health issues differently so a variety of levels and kinds of support is available, tailored to your needs

The IAPT service provides this range of services. Some people may benefit from what is called ‘low intensity therapy’ so you could take part in this kind of therapy for a shorter time. Or you might need a greater level of support so would be able to get access to the different kinds of psychological therapy described as ‘high intensity therapy’.

In addition to the kinds of services described, a computerised cognitive behavioural therapy service (cCBT) is also available. This can be very helpful where people feel they are experiencing mild to moderate levels of depression or anxiety. It can also be a useful way to identify how you are feeling, do practical problem-solving ,thus enable you to improve your mental health and wellbeing. While this is an alternative to a one-to-one session with a therapist, support is available to go through the process.

If you feel that you recognise some of the feelings or experiences described here and you think that you might benefit from these services, speak to your GP today and they can refer you to the IAPT service. If you are unable to contact your GP, please call the service directly on 020 8438 1777.

Please note:
The service is available to people aged 18 and over who are registered with a Brent GP.
The service is available by appointment only - walk in appointments are not available.